At The Health Space, we believe in health for longevity. Working with all aspects of your body to facilitate the best change and optimal health. Combining Nutrition and Natural medicine, body therapies such as Osteopathy, Massage and Floatation therapy as well as Fitness we have your health covered.

We (Logan and Tarryn) have mountains of experience in the industry and have worked with hundreds of people with all ranges of issues to get them to their best health. Cam brings a great balance to our business with his amazing skills in body therapies. We believe in achieving health before dis - ease in the body occurs ie preventative health care instead of the ambulance scenario.

Meet our team



With over 12 years of Naturopathy consulting I have seen many different phases in the health world. What always reigns true though is that a balanced nutrient rich diet is key, and not one person is the same as the other. We also have vastly progressed into “busyness” and everyone is rushing. The impact this has on our stress and sex hormones is profound and a big part of what I do in practice is to help manage hormones and overall health and energy. The beauty of Naturopathy is that it is so individual and therefore treatment is so tailored.

As a mum of 2 young girls, I know first hand how life can get and fitting everything in can be a challenge. It is my mission to help everyone feel their best in health, because if we feel good within ourselves we are much more equipped to help our families.



Cam’s passion for health and fitness has grown through a decade of high-performance training and coaching multiple sports such as triathlon, athletics, Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting. This interest has progressed into working with others to help them reach their potential and their goals. He enjoys sharing his knowledge through teaching the fundamentals of anatomy, functional movement and restoring body systems.

Cam has a deep understanding of the body developed through graduating from a Bachelor of Applied Health Science and Masters of Osteopathy. His holistic approach will assist you in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and can accommodate for those who have an interest in improving their performance.