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The Health Space


Where all your health needs are met

Fine tune your body with our Naturopath, Osteopath, Float sessions and Fitness lab to ensure that you keep your body at optimal health.


Osteopaths are primary health professionals that use a variety of techniques to help correct abnormal physical conditions. Conditions could include physical injuries to bones, joints and muscles, headaches, and many other physical and functional disorders, such as back and neck pain.

The Osteopath will use appropriate treatment, after a full assessment of you. A wide variety of treatment techniques are used. Techniques could include massage to muscles, mobilisation and manipulation to joints, and stretches.



Naturopathy is about finding health from the inside out. Achieving your best health on a cellular level and finding the true cause to any health issues to better address them. With the fundamental platform of health coming from nutrition this is the first thing that needs to be addressed, tailoring the specific aspects of nutrition to YOU and YOUR needs. Using nutrition, herbal and nutritional supplements, and lifestyle techniques we can achieve your health goals, whether they are weight, hormonal health, digestive health, more energy, better sleep, dealing with stress, skin issues and everything in between.

At Fitness Lab we believe that movement is the key to longevity. We facilitate correct movement patterns and push your body to achieve great health. Whether you are after Personal Training sessions with our experienced trainers, or to join into our Functional Fitness classes for all ages and fitness, you are guaranteed to be looked after and achieve those results at Fitness Lab.

Float tank 


Floatation therapy is a form of sensory deprivation. You are in a pod filled with 500kg of Epsom salt so that you are completely bouyant and do not have to hold your body at all. With no lights or sound this allows your body to shut off from the outside world and allows you to completely relax, allowing your parasympathetic nervous system to activate which triggers all of your healthy bodily healing functions that are usually switched off when we are running in our day to day. It is said that 1 hour in a float tank is equivalent to 6 hours of sleep - a good incentive I would say!